Business Leader: Sibusiso Daliwe

Sibusiso Daliwe

My name is Sibusiso Daliwe I am 22 years old. I believe in having a dream and using my will to make that dream a reality. I have known struggle and hardship but have always found that there is an opportunity to step forward and grow. Educo Africa has had a massive impact on my life, sharpening my sense of purpose and wanting to support my community and South Africa.

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PACE stands fPicture1or Parking Area Cleaning Enterprise – it can’t get clearer than that. Using a state of the art bio-degreaser from the O3 Chemicals Going Green range of products ( PACE removes ingrained oil stains from parking areas of malls, hotels, business parks and residential units etc.

The application is labour intensive so as to create further revenue streams for unemployed youth.


PACE will be available to other young business people through a franchise agreement towards the end of 2015.

Earning Target:

  • Business Leader: Estimated at between R10,000 and R15,000/month
  • Worker: R300/day

What Is Great About This Opportunity?

  • A great product.
  • Realistically priced and accurate sales environment
  • Revenue sharing principle strongly applied
  • Simple, clear – hard work ethic and real result