Business Leader: Roslin Falatsa-Conana

rosMy name is Roslin Falatsa –Conana I live in the Western Cape in a township called Mfuleni, I am 30  years old, married and a mother of three. I have trained in social enterprise,and community development.

I  love to work with the youth and to engage in dialogues about various topics affecting us as young South Africans.

I feel inspired when I see young successful entrepreneurs in our country that started their businesses from nothing and made it successful. I would love for us to grow together as a country.



This is a direct-sales opportunity, delivered priIMG-20140416-WA000marily through the informal trader network. The design of this opportunity is a brilliant entry-level activity for young South Africans who want to learn how to run a business. Earnings are all through commission of sale. The harder you work the more you earn.

A right of trade agreement is entered into between a business requiring sale of a product and the young person. The young person would then recruit and manage a sales team of between three and four individuals.



There are currently fiver teams operating in the Western Cape. The scope is to implement a minimum of 15 teams in the Cape Town area, with an additional 10 teams in other areas throughout the Western Cape. This would offer a livelihood solution to approximately 100 young South Africans.

Earning Target:

Senior Agent: R4,000/month

Vendor: R2,500/month

What Is Great About This Opportunity?

  • An immediate opportunity to break the poverty cycle.
  • Skills and development in sales, marketing, basic business practice
  • Opportunity to leverage upwards, either in accessing further study opportunity or launching a business
  • Working within a supportive, motivated group of peers.