First Phase: Innovation Phase (Month 0-3)

  • A new idea is presented
  • Assessing the idea
  • Developing a group of stakeholders who are likely to engage in bringing the idea into a reality


Second Phase: Brokering Opportunity (Month 4-6)

  • Identifying the youth business leader
  • Developing a business plan
  • Scope for client base
  • Secure venture funding if required


Third Phase: Prototype (Month 7-12)

  • Business model tested within AspireYouth business systems
  • Skills development and training of business leader
  • Test and refine business model
  • Standards and system development
  • Evaluation of product and value propositions


Fourth Phase: Business Start-Up (Month 13-30)

  • Business registration with share allocation 40% business leader: 30% AspireYouth:30%: HDI contributor with correct skill set
  • Internal business system implementation
  • Annual operational plan implemented
  • Business build, including operational systems, marketing and business platforms
  • Continued coaching and training


Fifth Phase: Business Autonomy (Month 31 -36)

  • Share transfer 80% business leader, 20% to AspireYouth Foundation for support of new initiatives
  • Determine further management support from AspireYouth